Sunday, January 22, 2012

the 1000 population

1000 people

Let’s say that there are 1000 people, are you following me?

Divide that, and we have 500 people each.

500 people on the left side are the LGBT individuals and the other 500 are the heterosexuals, are you with me?

Each person from both side are completely random; Asian, Caucasian, black, Mexican, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist, Shintoism, Taoist, Agnostic, tall, short, fat, skinny, bald, hairy, blonde, brunette, black hair, red head, and such.

Now those apply to all 500 people of each group. There are some people who are infertile, some people who decided not to have children, AKA Child-free.

All 1000 of them can legally marry. Now you have 500 married gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgender people and 500 married straights. While some the fertile straight couples on their side will still be able to procreate, there are those who cannot have children and those who do not want children. The population still grows because there are still many couples who can have children. The infertility of another couple did not affect the other couple’s fertility. A couple’s decision to not have children didn’t affect those who do want children to change their mind.

While it is true that gay and lesbian couples cannot procreate with each other, they can surrogate or adopt. The couples, gay or straight, can either adopt or surrogate with an individual who agrees to be the surrogate. Their side still grows because of surrogacy. Keep in mind that in straight side, there are children who happens to be gay, bi, straight, and transgender. Sexuality is not a choice, it’s part of who they are. Even if it were a choice, like infertility or being child-free, it won’t affect other people to be forced into being gay either.

Now are you with me so far? The population now grows to 2000. Want to know why? Because people are still procreating no matter what; infertile couples, child-free couples, and gay couples do not pose a threat to humanity. It hasn’t happened and it never will happen. Just because people are infertile, child-free, or gay doesn’t mean that the rest will be either.

So the next time anyone proclaims that gays will destroy marriage or family or even bring humanity to extinction, show them this.

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