Monday, January 30, 2012

Translating what homophobic people are really saying.

“I don’t hate gay people, some of my best friends are gay.”

Translation: Oh don’t get mad at me, I’m just don’t like gay people.

“I’ll pray for them.”

Translation: See, I hate ‘em!

“It’s obviously a choice.”

Translation: When was the last time I chose to be straight?

“It’s just a phase.”

Translation: My heterosexuality is a phase too, what a coincidence!

“It’s not hate, it’s a fact.”

Translation: I wouldn’t know facts if it bit me in the ass.

“They’re promiscuous, they’re not going to settle down, they’re not capable of long lasting relationship.”

Translation: I just hope that my girlfriend doesn’t know that I slept with 10 women for the past two weeks.

“I don’t think they should be getting married, it’s between one man and one woman, sanctified by God.”

Translation: I wouldn’t know sanctity if my life depended on it and the idea of two guys going at it is gross.

“If we let gay people get married, what’s going to stop people from marrying their dogs?”

Translation: Apparently my dog is perfectly capable of writing a thesis and following the man-made laws.

“Don’t they know that procreation is important, or we would all die out.”

Translation: there are over 7 billion people and lots of them are infertile, child-free, and gay, go figure.

“A real man does not cry.”

Translation: Look, I’m flaunting my masculinity like a peacock!

 “Why do they have to flaunt their gayness? Why can’t they just keep it to themselves?”

Translation: I lack the capacity to comprehend the meaning of fighting for equality and it hurts my masculinity.

“Anal sex is gross! Don’t you know that gay men stick gerbils and baseball bats up their ass! They’ll need surgeries and diapers! They’ll get AIDS!”

Translation: I’m completely obsessed with gay porn that I have no slightest clue what gay people really do in their lives.

“Gay spreads AIDs.”

Translation: I don’t know what AIDs really is, but I’m told by my preacher that only gays get it.

“Why do they have parades? You don’t see any straight parades.”

Translation: I never heard of the Stonewall Riots nor do I understand that gay people have been beaten and discriminated against.

“Why don’t they just marry the opposite sex if they want benefits? They can get married and they do have equal rights. They’re just asking for special rights.”

Translation: Two men together is icky, why don’t they just do what I like because their lives are my business.

“Gay parents are worse than convicts.”

Translation: I never met a single gay parent, so I’m just talking out of my ass.

“Gays are worse than terrorists.”

Translation: I think a man holding hands with another man is more terrifying than a man holding an AK-47.

“Gays don’t make good parents.”

Translation: A good parenting is based on one’s sexuality and homosexuality isn’t it simply because I said so.

“Children will be confused.”

Translation: I never was raised by gay parents, so what the hell do I know what it’s like to be raised by two dads or two moms?

“Bisexuals are confused.”

Translation: I’m confused, you can like people?

“Anal sex is gross and wrong.”

Translation: Gay porn is the best thing I ever had.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you know who we are?

Five gay men

Robert Grant – He is a Journalist, he is 32 years old, lives with a partner, and has a cat. They both live in a single house, they don’t have kids, they both live in Canada.

Harry Vincent – He is a fire fighter, he is 42 years old, has an adopted daughter who is in her teens, his partner passed away from heart disease, they live in England.

Jose – he is a businessman in Mexico, he has no partner, he is 34. He takes his work very seriously and doesn’t have time for dating. He visits his brothers and sisters on the holidays.

Kenji Mishimoto – A Japanese police officer who is 38, has a partner who is from Sweden, they adopted three children whose mother couldn’t afford to care for them. They have a two story house in Osaka, Japan.

Bjorn – he is a 18 year old kid, kicked out of his parent’s home because he is gay. He stays with his best friend, starts college and plans to become a teacher in History.  He is from Sweden with a Swedish Mother and a German Father.

Do you see anything wrong or odd with these five men? Their sexuality is hardly important. No matter a person’s sexuality, there is more to them than meets the eye. It’s really important to get to know the person before judging them. If you choose not to get to know people and discriminate them based on their sexuality (Or anything else for that matter) then it says more about you than it does about them.
this link explains better about the Leffews aka Depfox aka Gay Family Values. They are two wonderful men who happen to be gay, married, and have two adopted kids. Anything i would have said about the Leffews, this link explains it.

I have their blog link on this blog on the right.

Want the Traditional Marriage from the Bible? Ok.

Want the Traditional Biblical Marriage? Ok.

You have the traditional man and woman.

Genesis 2:24

-          Wives must be subordinate to their husbands

-          Interfaith marriage is forbidden (Can’t have Hindu and Christian marriage for example)

-          Marriages would be generally arranged, it is not a romantic love.

-          If the Bride is not a virgin, she must be stoned to death.

In today’s marriage, none of that applied. Doesn’t that mean we’re violating traditional marriage? Hmm…

You can have a man, a woman, and a concubine.

Solomon had three hundred concubines.

Where are our concubines? Oh, that’s right; we’re just blatantly ignoring the Biblical traditions while proclaiming we’re following Biblical tradition in a certain way.

You can have a man, a woman, and her property.

Genesis 16

-          Man could acquire his wife’s property including her slaves.

Woman, where is all your slaves? Oh that’s right, it’s been outlawed.

You can have a man, a woman, a woman, a woman, and another woman.

Solomon had 700 wives.

Where are all our wives? Oh, polygamy is not acceptable here.

You can have a man and his brother’s widow.

Genesis 38:6-10

-          Widow who had not borne a son required to marry her brother in law.

-          Must submit sexually to her new husband.

Oh come now, let’s not get angry here. Look, it said so in the Bible, you hadn’t borne a son and my brother, your husband, is dead. Now get in bed and spread those legs! You don’t wanna go against tradition now do you? Do you want to be stoned to death?

You can have a rapist marry his victim

Deuteronomy 22:28-29

-          A virgin who was raped must marry her rapist

-          Rapist must pay the victim’s father fifty shekels of silver for property loss.

Yes, alright, I admit it; I raped her. Ok, I’ll pay fifty shekels of silver for you sir. Ok, woman, you’re now my wife.

How come we’re not doing this? Oh that’s right, rape is ugly and never acceptable. Also, women are not property.

Every man in military can have a spoil of war, that includes a woman.

Numbers 31:1-18 and Deuteronomy 21:11-14

-          Under Moses command, Israelites must kill every Midianite men, woman and child; save for those who are virgin girls and keep them as spoils of war.

-          Wives must submit to their new owners.

What are you crying about? Yeah, yeah I killed your parents, your brothers, and your sisters who knew a man. You’re now mine!

Why hadn’t we seen soldiers do this? Oh that’s right, it’s a terrible thing to do to people.

Let’s have our male slave and female slave

Exodus 21:4

-          Slave owners could assign female slaves to his male slaves

-          Female slaves must submit to their new husbands.

What’s that? Oh, it’s all just Old Testament? Well, your Jesus did say we should uphold the laws of the Old Testament, he didn’t say he would do away with the laws. But alas, you wanted to have traditional marriage from the Bible, that’s what this is. If you really don’t want to follow those, then why must we listen to the part about gay men? That too was part of the Old Testament and your Jesus never said a word about homosexuality.

Next time you want to use the Old Testament as an excuse for your hate, think about all the laws that came with it. You didn’t want to follow those, so why should Gay men be the exception? It’s pretty simple, you’re not concerned about following the Bible; you just find gay men “Icky.”

Little Bit About Myself

Little bit about myself

1)      I’m a cat person. I don’t currently have cats, I will adopt some one day when I can live on my own again.

2)      I love reading books; fantasy, science fiction, drama, philosophical, books on gay rights, and more.

3)      I am writing a story called “Johan Byrne” and I’ve finished the first one but hadn’t sent it to get published yet. I am working on the sequel.

4)      I walk a lot for exercise. It also helps me think of ideas for my story I’m working on.

5)      I’m drinking mainly water. I eat sweet stuff sparingly.

6)      I love foreign countries, especially Japan and Sweden.

7)      I’ve visited Mexico once but that was just at the border.

8)      I work on this blog to fight the lies and bigotry against LGBT.

9)      I sometimes play Shogun Total War 2 to pass the time.

10)   I work at a job that doesn’t pay me enough to live on my own. I’m currently am trying to save money to escape Arizona.

Selenas 7Th Birthday "Alice In Wonderland Tea Party"

Jay and Bryan Leffeware two awesome couple who threw their daughter an "Alice in Wonderland" party. This comes to show that no matter their sexuality, they can be great parents. Their daughter will remember this birthday party for years to come.

Friday, January 27, 2012

LGBT poetry 3

LGBT poetry 3

Rick Santorum

Poor old Ricky

His mind is so sicky

So full of porn

His campaign is torn

He brings home a dead fetus

He is against the abortion

He thinks your body is his to control

Rick Santorum is a sick little boy

He is obsessed with gay men

He wants to reinstate DADT

Your marriage is invalid

Because poor old Ricky

His mind is so sicky

Gay people are not like polygamy

But Santorum doesn’t seem to care

He even thinks convicts are better parents

Sad to say, he knows no gay parents

Little Frothy-mix is sad

His wife complains about gay activists

When you bully someone Ricky

We will stand up and be proud

Little Ricky

Mind so sicky

Jacked up on porn

I just wish he was never born.

Maggie Gallagher

What is to say about this old toad

She reminds me of Dolores Umbridge

I worry she had that pen from Harry Potter

The one that cuts your hand when you write

She is so dim, I feel sorry for her parents

It is such a shame, her mind is all gone

She hates the gays because they’re not like her

She would use slippery slopes

She uses double standards, it’s just so sad

Brian Brown is as bad as she

He thinks marriage is his business

He wants the gays to be gone

He wants to spread a little hate and lies

Gallagher and Brown

Their organization is crap

They’re but a joke

Their ads are a laugh

Who could take them seriously

If all they ever do was spread their hate

Their hatred you see is so clear to all

To say you don’t hate is a blatant lie

So I saw to you NOM

Go back to the 50’s

This is the 21st century

Enough of your silly lies

We’re all here to stay

Girl Scout boycott

So I heard from Colorado

A girl hates transgender kids

She wants us to boycott cookies

But I say “No, buy more cookies.”

My mother has heard you see

She believes that gender doesn’t matter

If a girl wants to join Girl Scout

Transgender or not, she is welcome

People who hates transgender kids

Are not rational folks you see

They’re mind is muddled with fear

Transgender children are just kids

Enough of the hate, enough of the fear

Transgender kids are not so scary

Why should it matter what their gender is

It be all about acceptance and love

What is there to fear

She is not a boy, she is a girl

Her gender doesn’t matter

All that really matter is love

So buy the Girl Scout Cookies

Do not give in to hate or fear

Let us all learn to love

This transgender child

She is a friend too

X-men analogy

I was watching the movies

So I came to think

It’s very much about intolerance and hate

So I see that it is much like gay rights

What would we be like

If we had superpowers

There would be a Magneto

There would be a Xavier

There would be a Wolverine

There would be an Iceman

How cool would it be

If we had super powers

Very much like them

We cannot come out

We would be persecuted and hated

Life is so similar you see

Mutants in school

Gays in school

The bigoted politicians are being afraid

They see nothing beyond the fear

The ability to read your mind

The ability to heal

The ability to draw energy

The ability to manipulate the metal

How fascinating it is you see

How X-men are very much

Like the minorities being affected

Too bad bigoted politicians are dim

They couldn’t see the similarity

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Marry My Guy" - Marry The Night Parody

Love Sean Chapin for this! It is very good.

removing your marriage! Rated R: satire and sheer absurdity

Removing your marriage

(The purpose of this satire was to point out that opponents of gay marriage is so obessed with the idea of procreation and how important it is to them, i decide to have a little fun with them. I might make more of this just to ridicule the opponents for fun! Enjoy!)

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,

It has come to my attention that you’ve been married together since June 14th 1964 and your four children are now grown up and are living their own life, we are removing your marriage license. You are no longer able to bear any more children and your children are already grown, we see no need for you anymore. Please proceed to give up all your beneficial rights and insurances. We hope you have a nice day.”

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bennett,

It has come to my attention that you have been married on the day Feburary 14, 2003, we notice that you have decided not to have children. Considering that we feel that children in marriage is important, we removed your marriage license. We regret to inform you that your marriage will not be renewed because you decided surely that you do not want children. Since you decide that your genitalia is your business and not ours, we feel offended and decided to place you under arrest.”

“Dear Mrs. Carol Berkley,

We are sorry for your loss of your husband Matthew Berkley, who served well in the Marine and was killed in Afghanistan, and are removing your marriage license. Your child(ren) will be removed and placed in foster care because we believe that children are best raised by a mother and a father. Considering that we do not approve of gay couples marrying to adopting, we feel that it would make us hypocrites to deny two men rights but allow single parents, we decided to exclude you from marriage as well. We are sorry for your loss, so have a nice evening.”

“Dear Mr. Eric Brown,

It has come to my attention that from your medical record, you are infertile. You’ve been married to Beverly on January 3rd 2011, but we are sorry to inform you that we cannot allow your marriage to continue and are removing your license. It is important to us that you and your wife bear children because it is so obviously very important to us and yes, your genitalia is our business. Your wife will no longer be allowed to remarry because according to the biblical verse, it is considered adultery to remarry to another person. If she tries to remarry, we will stone her to death.”

bullying and teasing

Bullying and teasing

I have heard quite a lot of commotion about kids being bullied and teased, and I remember being bullied and teased myself when I was in high school. I heard some people proclaim that if kids are raised by gay parents, they’ll be teased. On unrelated topic, I heard people talk about how kids would be bullied and teased because of this or that. You would think they would be fighting against the bullies, but alas, they were fighting against the victims. Siding with the bullies, makes you a bully as well. I will explain.

Let’s say there is a couple and they’re both men who are gay. They’ve been together for 28 years, they have adopted a little boy named Billy. Little Billy wears glasses, he has autism, he has a cleft lip, and he has a surgical scar on his abdomen. He is 10 years old and he goes to school. At school, kids picked on him because he had glasses, he was has autism and a cleft lip. He was also teased for having two dads who are gay.

Instead of dealing with the bullies themselves, they blame the gay dads for adopting Billy, “Kids will be teased because they have a gay dad.” Why is it that they wouldn’t deal with the bullies? Because they’re not interested in accepting the fact that gay people can adopt children, or even get married. This is just mere discrimination, not a concern for bullying. The ones who truly are concerned about dealing with bullies are people who support equality, experienced forms of bullying themselves, and/or concerned about the victims and want to make them feel better. Victims shouldn’t be blamed, nor should they be ignored. As for having glasses or autism or cleft lip, it’s also something that little Billy has no control over. People get bullied and teased for various things, but none of these were any of the victim’s fault. The way to stop bullying, is to stop the bullies, not try to control the victims.

Bullying does not just come from school, it comes from other two places; the internet and religious bigots who cite passage from their religious texts proclaiming, “Gays are sinners worthy of death.”

This is one of the reason why LGBT youths were being picked on or bullied to the point of committing suicide. What does a religious bigot say to that? “That’s just how it is with them gays! They lead an unhappy, unhealthy, unstable life and they’re killing themselves instead of changing their ways to suit our ideals. We refuse to accept differences and we will blindly hate and bully them because the bible verse says they’re wrong.”

The way I see it, they’re no better than the people of Middle East who murders people (I’m not saying all of Middle East, just those who do murder). There is no sense in this. A senseless, hate-filled, ignorance, hypocritical, vile lies is not good for the betterment of society. All that does is hurt others. It is the bigotry and hate that is killing out kids, not their sexuality.

The internet has a lot of hateful comments, e-mails, and articles made by homophobic people. Their form of bullying also has claimed the lives of bullied victims. What is it with the fascination with having blood on your hands? I cannot understand how people can be so cruel. But not just cruel, they also do want them to die as well.

All of this is stemmed from hating what they do not understand. What is there to bully a kid who wears glasses? Why do you wish to bully or tease a kid who is overweight? So that kid has autism, so what? What reason is there to bully? So that kid can’t walk properly, why do you wish to pick on them? That kid is sitting alone in the cafeteria and all you’re doing is snickering and pointing at them, instead of trying to get to know the kid. So that kid is gay, big deal. What is the point of bullying others? Because you think you’re better than others? Is it because your parents didn’t love you? Maybe you’ve been bullied and teased yourself and thought it’s ok to lash out at someone else and bully them. Is it because you were told things about homosexuality?

Bullying doesn’t get you friends. It does not get you respect. It does not make you look good. If you want respect, friendship, and to look good to others, be kind to them, get to know them, and understand them.

To all the grown up bullies, I’m sorry your education abandoned you, I’m sorry you think your religious texts is a logical reason to discriminate and threat others. You must have been so proud of yourself and proud of raising children to bully others. You must be so proud of having innocent blood on your hands. You must be proud to dip your child who bullies in the blood of their victims. You must feel so proud to hate your children who are gay and forced them into suicide. Have a nice life in the dark where no one will want you.