Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what has been going on with my life so far

Greetings everyone and i apologize for not having made any posts for so long as so much as changed.

1) I moved to Seattle in early February and moved into an apartment with my partner.
2) I have a job as a courtesy clerk (Bleah) and work very little hours.
3) My partner and I have just today tried to donate blood but were deferred due to our sexuality and gender identity. So we just sent a message to HRC, Human Rights Campaign.
4) I've been going to DVR, in order to help me get more hours with my job and to get a new hearing aid. Sadly they cannot help with housing or rent.
5) I was spending some time with my partner considering that this is my first relationship i've ever been in at all.
6) I was procrasinating instead of writing much on posts and on my stories, which i regret and would get back into writing.

Yes  will get back into writing, including this blog.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

9 dumbest gay marriage comparisons

Thanks to huffingtonpost for this lovely article, now I shall have some things to say, which of course I have had already addressed a few before, I’ll address them and the new stupidest comparizons the homophobes had mad.

1)      The civil war.

Really? The civil war? You’re saying that when civil war had happened eons ago, that gay marriage will cause another civil war? Really? Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) believes that people would handle marriage like they had eliminated slavery. Ok, where did this idiot get that idea? If that were to be true, then wouldn’t Netherlands be at war with itself too? What about Norway or Sweden? How about Canada? Oh, and considering that we have legalized maybe 8 states now, we hadn’t seen anything that’ll turn into a civil war. Lindsey, go back to school.

      2)      Murder

This Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believes that by no longer have feelings against gays and lesbians, we should no longer feel the same against murders or some horrible stuff. Antonin, allow me to reeducate your pea-sized brain; homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality. To try comparing love to murder or rape is completely asinine and makes absolutely no sense. I bet you don’t even know exactly what you’re talking about. I bet you just read your religious book and think murder is just the same as with loving someone. You’re an idiot and I am not going to apologize for it. You too need an education. I’m sad to look at this man old enough to be my grandfather and yet dumber than a 15 year old schoolyard bully.

3)      Incest

Bob Vander Pleats, president of the family leader thinks that by marrying two men together, why not allow a dad to marry his daughter. Ok Bob, you do realize that in many of the states that allowed marriage to first cousins right? That is about as incestuous as you can get. Remember, that happened long before gay marriage. Also, that is a stupid slippery slope argument; allowing gays and lesbians to marry will not and had not open doors to incest. It hadn’t happened for years!

4)      Slavery

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, thinks that by allowing gays to marry, they’ll be forced to have gay marriage. He thinks that if the government had legalized slavery, but assured no one would be forced to keep a slave. Ok, Keith, you need an education too. Why exactly would allowing marriage equality be any of your concern? Nothing is ever going to be forced onto you, you don’t have to marry the same sex, you can go on with your pathetic bigot life. Oh and I can see that you’re a catholic priest and I just sure hope you don’t like little altar boys.

5)      Bestiality

Another lovely slippery slope. An Australian Senator Cory Bernardi thinks gay marriage wouldopen doors to bestiality. Ok, as I said about incest, there had been folks who do that long before gay marriage had existed and no, it will not open door to it. Incest and bestiality cannot work as with hetero and homosexual marriage can.

6)      Polygamy

Rick Santorum thinks gay marriage would lead tom polygamy. Well one thing we know about frothy mix is that he has no brain. Polygamy has had happened long before gay marriage. It’s not going to happen because of gay marriage.

7)      Hitler

Minnesota Pastor Rev. Brad Brandon compares allowing gay marriage to Hitler’s regime in the world war 2. Brad is so pathetically dumb I just feel that the world had lost hope with humanity. He believes that because Hitler took away two fundamentalist rights from a group of people to suppress them. Wow Brad, you think gay marriage would take away rights from groups of people? That is the most stupid thing I had ever heard. NO rights will ever be taken away when another group of people have been given the same rights as you do. You are the Hitler because YOU want to take the fundamental right from certain group of people from having the same rights as you do. Shall I get a black permanent marker and scribble a Hitler mustache on you? PS, Hitler was a Catholic who had attacked Gays, Jews, Gypsies, Disabled, and more in the name of your god.

8)      Beer

Really Rick Santorum? He is so deeply obsessed with gay marriage I am willing to bet that he has a stash of gay porn magazines hidden somewhere at home. He tries to say that marriage is like a water and beer, as he had said about paper towel and napkin. Rick? You really have no clue what you’re talking about. Your analogies made no sense! Please, go back to your gay porn and shut up already.
9)      Paganism

Really Newt Gingrich? Really? You, the man who married several times, believe that gay marriage is like paganism? He believes that gay marriage is a violation to our society. Ok Newt, point to me where civilization has fallen in the countries where gay marriage has been legalized. You can’t find one? That’s because there isn’t one.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The shooting in Connecticut





I am deeply at a loss when I heard about the shooting in the school in Connecticut. The shooter, who I refuse to name, has murdered 20 children and 7 adults. I have read that there have been teachers who have saved the lives of many children and had given their life. They are truly heroic when they protected the children because many more children’s lives would have been gone.


I wish to pay my respect for the families who lost their loved ones. It is truly devastating and it makes me grieve for them.


We do not know much about the shooter or his motive. What we did know was that his mother bought assault weapons and her son used them against her and went to the elementary school to kill. I could never understand what goes into that monster’s mind?


While we grieve for the families and the victims, I want to address a few issue concerning those who said “put God back in school” and proclaiming that this would not have happened had they had prayers and bibles in class. I can’t fathom how stupid this sounds. If you honestly believe that the Bible and prayer could have stopped the shooting, then explain to me how your god didn’t stop the shooting in Aurora theater in Colorado? Was the god not welcome in theaters either? What about the churches, which your God is mostly praised and worshiped, where there’s prayers and bibles all over the church, which happens to be where kids get abused by priests or pastors.

When you tell me that your God was not allowed in school which is the result of the shooting, I wondered exactly how much thought you put into this or that you were just listening to some people who have no idea what they’re talking about, because your god, the god who is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, could have stopped the shooting anyway. Your god could have stopped anyone from going to the school with a gun. Your god could have stopped pastors or priests from abusing a child. Your god could have stopped any parents who would kill their own child. Your god could have stopped a kidnapper before he or she could have snatched a child from the playground.

You might think I am attacking your god. I am not, I’m attacking your bullshit statement. I don’t know about anyone here who reads this, but I am sick of the “put god back” crap. Your god was not gone, your god was not banned from anything, and it’s our responsibility to take care of the affairs here.You see, it doesn’t matter to me whether or not god exists, what matters is that we have to take responsibilities for ourselves to take care of the issues. We need to stop with the blame, stop pointing fingers, and work together to find solutions that can work!


Do I believe that gun control laws work or not? What I see is that there is no sure fire way to solving the problem. You may think that gun control laws works, and in some ways, gun control laws doesn’t. It’s not all black and white. I think we need to found a way that can be used with common sense, logic, and even reason. We need to put our heads together and find a way to help solve the problem of gun violence and more. I want there to be no gun violence as much as anyone else. I don’t believe that gun advocates are gun-loving, crazed folks who would be irresponsible, nor do I think that anti-gun folks were stupid, paranoid ‘fraidy cats either. Both sides have valid points that we need to look at and work our way through with them.

I don’t believe that stricter gun laws would work, because criminals do not obey laws and even if you remove the guns, there are those who would use whatever necessary to kill another; bombs, fire, poison, and more. Why are there some folks so persistent on killing people? I don’t have the answer, but I do know that some folks are without capacity for empathy.

I do think that citing the amendment sounds a lot like quoting the bible verse. It’s best not to go, “Well it said so here, so…” I prefer that we think for ourselves and look at the information we can gather.


Right now, let us give respect to the families and the victims in the Connecticut.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Look deep into my heart.

This was a story i've done many years ago, i had completely forgotten about it. It's not perfect though, but it's something i want to share.

Look deep into my heart.


            “I don’t dance.”  Keiji spoke. He is standing against the wall to his back, looking chaste and quiet. He has a medium raven hair, and the several strands fell over his black piercing eyes. He’s thin and lanky. His face makes many girls screams with delight at the sight of him. But he doesn’t like any of them.

            “I don’t dance.’ He said to the girls again. He feels as if they couldn’t get the message through their damn skulls. But the bustle of girls still fawns over him. Couple of guys looked at him with anger and jealousy. He hated this. He hated everyone.

            He walks off past the girls and gets up on the elevator, he closed the doors on the girls who followed him. He got off the elevator at the first floor and meets a teacher who’s in front of the elevator.

            “Keiji, why aren’t you upstairs dancing?”

            Keiji grits his teeth, looks away, “I don’t want to dance.” He tries walking off, but the girls finally caught up, Keiji turns the other way and makes a break for it. The teacher looks bewildered as the girls chased him down. The second teacher came up

            “What has got into these kids these days?”

            Keiji jumped up into the tree and climbed to the top. He was breathing hard and watched the girls search for him on the grounds. He was shaking and tears began falling to his face.

            As the girls gave up on their search, they went back to the school. Keiji waited minutes after minutes to be sure they’re really gone. Finally, the last girl walked back slumped and greatly upset. Keiji gave a feeble smile and mentally send his prayer of thanks to the higher being.


            Keiji didn’t went back to the school, instead he went back to his apartment. The whole reason he went to that school dance was because his friend begged him. He couldn’t believe he agreed to. He jumped into the shower and started to think deeply as the water trickles all over him. His hand gave a few quirks and then he stayed there for a short while.

            When the day came, Keiji stayed in his bed never wanting to get up. He laid there in his black and white long sleeve and black pajama pants. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He feel safe in his own room, safe from the world.

            Keiji walked down outside of his complex thinking about what to do. He had a grey hoodie jacket and a black cargo pants. He covered his face as if he were ashamed of his beautiful face. He feels people would never see him anything but a heart throb hunk. He wondered if the beautiful people ever gets the feeling like he does, always seen never in the personality, but in the looks.

            A yellow jacket flashed by him and knocked him down.

            “Hey watch it!” Keiji yelled. The boy in the yellow Jacket looked at him with apologetic face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

            “No, obviously no one does.” He gets up and the boy in yellow Jacket looked hurt. He never meant to bump into him, he watched Keiji walked away, readjusting his hood to completely hide his face. He wondered why he was like this. He walked away from the spot after Keiji disappeared from the view.


            Keiji sat down on his favorite café sipping the tea as he watched people bustle by. He sees the same boy in Yellow Jacket walk by. The boy was struck hard in the chest. Keiji jolted up and ran out. The boy was siting up, holding his chest. Keiji helped him up.

            “I’m sorry… I didn’t…” The boy noticed that it wasn’t his attacker that was holding him, but the boy earlier today.

            “you’re hurt.”

            “I’ve always been hurt. It’s not like anyone cares.”

            Keiji looked up at him with knowledge that he too was troubled.

            Keiji led him into the Café and offered to buy him a tea. As they sat down, the boy looking gloomy, sipped his tea.

            “I’m sorry about earlier.” Keiji confessed.

            “I’m really sorry too, the thing is, I’ve lost part of my sight, so I’m sort of blind, but not entirely. Some guys just seems to push me around. They just think being blind means I’m weak.”

            “I didn’t know that.” Keiji choked. The boy looked up and can see the boy was crying.

            “well, why you crying? I didn’t expect this would worth much sympathy.”

            “Not that, it’s just… People never notices me as a person. “

            “Why? You’re not blind. But… was the reason was because you hide your face?”


            “But you’re not bad looking, I mean, you look ok.”

Keiji looked at him, “My name is Samamaru Keiji.” The boy feebly smiled at him as Keiji sipped his tea.

            “I’m Takamasu Ren.”

            Keiji feebly smiled too. They began sipping their tea peacefully and they soon departed on their way.


            The next Day came and it was raining. Keiji felt some lightness as he walked out the door. He thinks maybe he lost some weight or perhaps he doesn’t feel heavily depressed. As he head out, the world seems to be gloomy with all the rain. He hid his face to shield from the rain. Ren was seen running towards him with a book bag over his head.

            “Ah, So wet and cold!” He complained. Keiji spoke, “Morning Ren.”

            “Ah Keiji right? I’m just heading on home.”

            “Ah ok, well…”

            “I gotta go, don’t wanna be late.” He bowed to him apologetically and left.

            Keiji smiled as he watched him gone by. He went down to take the train to his school. It hasn’t change much, the girls were still bustling around him and some guys were giving Keiji death threats. One boy actually tried to beat him up, ended up being beaten by Keiji.

            Keiji kicked upward in his chin and struck his chest with an open palm and did a sweep kick.

            “There, wanna lose some of those teeth of yours?”

            The beaten boy skittered away looking ashamed. This made the girls get more wilder. He went to talk to the guidance counselor about transferring. He couldn’t take it with these people. He wants to go to all boys school to get away from the girls.

            “Girls are the least of your worries young Keiji, it’s not gonna be very simple as that sounds.” The guidance counselor spoke.


             Keiji went down to the complex and was greeted by Ren again. Ren was looking a bit worried. Keiji allowed him to stay for the night.

            “I have just had it with the school, I just think they aren’t worth the effort.” Ren spoke as Keiji gave him some tea. Keiji spoke to him about his school and the bustling crowd of screaming girls.

            “Wow, you really hate being the heart throb type?”

            “Heart throb? If you want to put it that way, yes I hated that.”

            “You’re nice Keiji, and you seem to care.”

            Keiji looked surprised. He was actually being seen on the inside by someone at last.

            “I was actually envious of people who don’t have frigging girls attacking them. I can just picture them girls having all the guys in their poster. I feel sorry for them.”

            “The guys in the posters?”

            “Yeah. Imagine, all day oogling at you like some tastiest Ramen anyone can make.”

            Ren giggled, “I like Ramen.”

            Keiji smiled, “Yeah so do i. Well, I can make us some though.”

            “Ah that would be nice.”

            A couple of minutes has past and the boys began to eat their ramen. Ren told his tale of being lost in the city three times, being brought back home by the kind police officer. Keiji shared his story of the dance prom. Ren laughed as he spoke about the girls yammering about hotness and the sex and such. He never did see any girls who likes someone of personality, Which was why he wanted to transfer to another school.

            “No matter who we are, all of us gets down on our luck with things. Me partially blind, you sexy heart throb.”

            Keiji blushed, “Well, I digress, I always wanted to go to other countries. It would be nice.”

            “Ah you’re an explorer eh?”

            “I inherited it by my grandfather. He always goes off into other countries. I envy him.”

            So the boys swapped tales about their lives and their interests and hobbies and so forth. Yet, Keiji and Ren both became very good friends. When they begin to go to sleep, they both dreamed a dream that should be embraced.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rupert Everett thinks gay parents are worse than anything.

So apparently this Rupert fellow, who is gay, believes that there is nothing worse than having gay dads. Obviously he never met any gay dads, or he would have changed a different tune. When i have read what he said, i came to think, "Is he this stupid!?"

What can be worse than two gay dads? Oh i'll tell you. In fact, a parent's sexuality has no affect on their children's character. But let's reveal what can be worse than having two gay dads.

1) You could be an orphan in an orphanage; unwanted and unloved, waiting for a family to adopt you and give you a home. There could be a chance you would never be adopted and probably die unwanted.

2) You could be physically, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically abused. This unfortunately is very common in heterosexual households. There are reports of heterosexual parents who abused their children.

3) You could be an atheist or an LGBT. Either one of those things can get you disowned by your parents, get you forced into some reparative therapy or something like that, some parents might even kill you. If you could ever be lucky to have a loving parent(s) who accepts you as you are, then you'll be alright.

4) You could be malnourished, abandoned, neglected, or even forced to do labor work around the house like a slave.

5) You could be born to a family who can't understand your disabilities and treats you worse than those without disabilities.

6) You can be born to a huge number of family and be forever "forgotten" that you exist.

7) You could be forced into sex slavery at a young age, or be forced into other slavery so you can send money home to your family.

8) You could be the kid who lost a parent and have to raise your grief strickened parent and possibly your siblings.

9) You can be a kid of divorced parents.

10) Your parents could be leaving you all alone while they can do whatever they wanted to do, leaving you to fend for yourself.

11) Some parents could brainwash your mind into believing things that can be more damaging to you and others.

12) You could be one of the kids who were on the ground dying while your parents pray. No prayer has ever saved any of the kids that were dying.

13) you could be in a truamatizing, nightmarish life!

14) You could be in the family who were all starving to death and struggle to survive without much food or water and with nothing to help you.

There's a lot more where that came from.

So  Rupert, the next time you think about what can be worse for kids, read this.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Religious right’s logic on marriage:

Religious right’s logic on marriage:


Religion invented marriage + Sanctified by God + marriage is between one man and one woman = Natural


Homosexuals + Nature = not natural


1,500 species with homosexuality + nature = natural


No species have any religion or marriage (except humans) + Nature = not natural


Marriage + nature = not natural!


Ergo, Religion and marriage isn’t natural, but homosexuality is.


Marriage exists in many countries, practiced in many different beliefs and cultures, and most aren’t Christians. Marriage also existed long before Christianity existed, thus not a Christian institution and it’s not sanctified by a Christian God.


Homosexuality can be observed and studied in nature and homosexuality in exists in many species including homo sapiens aka human beings. Homosexuality is in fact, natural and part of nature. Procreation, which was their argument, makes no importance in nature. Which it helps keep species alive, there are children who aren’t sexually active, there are elderlies that are no longer able to bear children, there are people who are sterile, there are people who choose not to have children, there are those who choose celibacy, and more. All those are still part of nature. Also, we do not get to define what part of nature is, what’s natural or what’s normal. In fact, the “unnatural” stuff would have to be anything manmade. Think about it for a second. The religious right wings and homophobe’s logic is warped.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chic-Fil-A poem. A change of heart?

Had a change of heart


Had enough of the fight


Oh my, oh my

Has chic-fil-a had a change of heart?

Oh my, oh my

Or has Chic-Fil-A want to step out of their crap?

Oh my, oh my

What ever does this mean?


What does this mean now?

Did Chic-Fil-A see the error of their ways

Or did they step out of their hate

Yet think gays are bad?


Oh my, oh my

What did the antigay groups think?

Oh my, oh my

Did they lose their great contributer?

Oh my, oh my

I hope other contributors quit donating too


I now see Tony Perkin’s face

The chic-fil-a no longer hates too

I see Bryan Fischer pulling his hair

Now the chicken tastes pretty good

Brian Brown is pouting like a baby

Even waffle fries can’t fix that


Oh my, oh my

Is it safe to eat there now?

Oh my, oh my

Only time can tell

Oh my, oh my

I’m not trusting until I see more proof!


Oh Dan Cathy, I gotta ask

Is it because you have a change of heart

Or did you get tired of slinging hate?

Either way I’m not eating there

Not until you hug a gay today

Not until you understand us all!


Oh my, oh my

Anti-gay protestors are protesting still

Oh my, oh my,

It was not about their freedom of speech

Oh my, oh my

It was the fact they can’t stand love.


Goodbye, goodday

Chic-Fil-A I still won’t eat you

You may no longer donate

You might even add sexuality to the ENDA

But I can still smell some hate there


Oh my, oh my

I hope it’s a change of heart

Oh my, oh my,

I hope all this is true!

Oh my, oh my

I hope Dan Cathy wears a skirt as punishment